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Rejuice & Annie Young Cosmetiques: A Perfect Combination
Last week we blogged about how great skin comes from a healthy diet. We really believe you are what you eat! Your skin is your largest organ, so it is important to also be mindful of the kinds of make-up and skincare products you use.  Conventional make up and skincare lines are full of chemicals, some proven carcinogens, that can disrupt our endocrine systems, and have been linked to Alzheimers and other diseases. (Check our link at bottom for more info) One of the key rules for makeup, and any beauty product, is basic and straightforward:
if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it!
At Rejuice we love all natural products that help us look our best. And nothing is more fun than a make-over! We visited our neighbor Annie Young Cosmetiques and received the royal treatment by Sharleen Young who made over our lovely juicermeister Dana using chemical free, organic make-up. 
Sharleen applying make up from the rms and ILIA lines. Just two of the organic skincare lines Annie Young Cosmetiques carries
The final result: Stunning!!!!
Sharleen Young and Dana Barrington
We are so happy to have Annie Young Cosmetiques as our neighbour on Sherbrooke (they are located at 4908 Sherbrooke West). It is great to see more people stocking products free from harmful chemicals and that are also not tested on animals. Sharleen sees the demand growing: "there are many people out there that are ingredient driven and when they discover that we carry organic products in the boutique they are very happy to have a place like this in Montreal" 
For a complete list of their skincare products, information on make up courses, and the  wide range of services they offer visit:
And even 5 hours later, serving up smoothies and juices, and no touch ups, Dana still looks fresh and lovely thanks to Annie Young's amazing make-up! 

Informative article and 10 toxic beauty ingredients to avoid:

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