The Harley: The Man Behind the Juice!

One of our most popular green drinks at Rejuice is the Harley. A delicious and unique mix of kale, parsley, fennel, celery, cucumber and ginger - it is the perfect go to for those wanting a pure green drink, slightly sweet because of the fennel but low in sugar, and packed full of all the good stuff.
But what's up with the name? Next to our Power Greens, Beet Licious, Crisp Carrot, is a drink named for a classic low rider? 
We think Pete Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider:
Not quite this:
Well, it turns out that the Harley was inspired by one of our favorite regulars: Richard Shafter. A devoted juicer and lifelong Harley Davidson lover, we met up with Rich and his bike Stella (they have all had names, this one's a homage to Brando) to find out how he made his way onto the menu!
Every great journey, even a motorcycle one, usually starts with heartache. Something that happens that makes you question your way of living. For Richard, it was losing his mom, much too young to lung cancer. From devastating loss, there is also a gift, and for Rich, this was the gift of recognizing within the fragile brevity of life, lies the tremendous opportunity for growth and fulfillment. With his own smoking habit in the trash, he set out on a path to overall mind, body, and spiritual health.
One of his first stops was meeting Christian Limoges (more about this amazing man to come in an upcoming blog). Christian is a naturopath that broadened Rich’s perspective on health and turned him on to a plant based diet. Gone were the 3 eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage every morning. The logic was that we eat how nature designed us. Rich told me he felt amazing, never hungry, and had tons of energy. And for those who scoff that you can’t gain muscle strength on a vegetarian diet, Rich is proof - the guy is in amazing shape!
Juicing was the next level on his health journey.  At first Richard juiced at home but then Joanna opened up her shop on Royalmount and he became one of her first and best customers. Like many of us, the allure of no clean up time and paying basically the same for organic produce was too much to pass up. He would consistently ask for fennel and  parsley to be added to his green juice, so Jo decided to make his healthful recipe part of the menu. Knowing Rich and his love for his bike - naming the juice was a no brainer. The Harley was born!
Rich radiates health and positivity. One big take away from our talk was his philosophy of “crowding.” According to Rich, just like you can take a probiotic to crowd the gut with healthy bacteria, you can do the same with your mind. We all have things in life that get us down, and it is easy to get into the habit of dwelling on the negative. But according to Rich, if you start to populate the mind with all the “good” (what you are grateful for, the blessings you have that you take for granted) this crowds out the negative. Your whole perspective shifts; you feel free, unburdened, at peace. 
And ultimately that is the whole point. We all lose people we love, suffer disappointments and hardships, but life is here to teach us, and it’s open - like the road - you just need to pack your green juice on your Harley, feel the wind in your hair, and live the moment you are given!

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