All about that Grass! The Origins and Benefits of Wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available today. Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll “concentrated sun power.” He said, “chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.” However, to get the full benefit, the chlorophyll must come fresh from a living plant. That is why Rejuice fresh presses the juice from the living plant as you order.  
Where does wheatgrass come from?
Its origins can be tracked back to more than 5000 years ago. Back then, Egyptians allegedly considered the young wheat shoots sacred and readily consumed them for the positive effects they had on their health and vitality. Wheatgrass has also been used for thousands of years in India, as part of Ayurvedic medicine. It’s popularity hit the Western world back in the 1930s, thanks to Charles F. Schnabel, an agricultural chemist who used the fresh cut grass to nurse dying chickens back to health. What’s particularly amazing is that the sick hens consuming it not only recovered, but also started laying an egg almost everyday instead of every three days – basically increasing their egg production three fold! About two decades later, wheatgrass was brought back into the spotlight by Ann Wigmore, an ordinary woman who consumed it, in combination with other various weeds, to heal herself of colon cancer. She went on to found the Hippocrates Health Institute, where her use of wheatgrass as a key food both popularized its use and spurred continued interest in the young grass.
Read on to discover 7 amazing benefits of consuming wheatgrass on a regular basis
1. Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.
2. Chlorophyll contains enzymes and super- oxide dismutase, a copper-containing protein found in mature red blood cells. This enzyme decomposes superoxide radicals in the body into a more manageable form, thereby helping to slow down the aging process.
3. Wheatgrass seems to have some positive effects on blood sugar levels. In animal studies, it increased both insulin production and sensitivity and, overall, helped the body be more efficient at dealing with glucose. These are definitely interesting findings since better regulation of blood glucose can help balance your energy levels and curb food cravings, both of which can have a direct impact on your waistline and overall wellbeing.
4. Wheatgrass juice can dissolve the scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gasses. The effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production.
5. Wheatgrass juice is great for constipation and keeping the bowels open because it is high in magnesium and fiber.
6. Science has shown that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria.
7. Drink wheatgrass juice for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. 
What our wheatgrass juicing clients tell us is that they feel an increase in strength and endurance, renewed health and an overall sense of well-being. You can't get much better than that! Of course, wheatgrass alone won't be effective if your overall diet is full of overly processed/deep fried/factory farmed food. It is just one essential part of an overall healthy lifestyle!

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