Reclaim your SPRING! by Ingrid Zimmer, nd

Ever feel that you’ve lost that extra SPRING in your step?  Spending a few months in our Canadian winter makes sticking to our health and fitness goals beyond challenging.  We crave comfort food, spend way too much time indoors in hibernation mode and ultimately pack on a few extra pounds.

SPRING is all about renewal and rebirth.  Who can help but be totally intoxicated by the smell of flowers blooming, the feel of the sun on your skin and the sight of all the beautiful colors that nature has to offer.  We, as humans, are but a microcosm of what takes place in the universe.

As plant cells regenerate and grow anew, so do the cells in our body.  Our cells and by extension, our bodies, crave the opportunity to be healthy.  How do we get there? How do we help our bodies do what they are meant to do during these inspiring SPRING months?

I know what you are thinking – cleanse and detox!  Absolutely! Doing a balanced, supervised cleanse or detox for a pre-determined period of time rids your body of accumulated toxins that lead to inflammation causing any one of the following symptoms:  weight gain, brain fog, allergies, fatigue, poor digestion and headaches to name but a few.  

 A cleanse or detox is a great way to reset and to jumpstart any long term changes we are looking to make.  The truth is, health and wellness should be incorporated into your day to day.  It’s a LIFESTYLE.  It’s all about balance and, in reality, finding what works for your own body and mind.  Let nature’s renewal motivate you to implement the long term changes you have been waiting to make.

No one can accuse me of not walking the walk of my own SPRING renewal.   I just recently moved into a new office at the Westmount Wellness Center.  I am thrilled to be a part of this progressive functional medicine based team.    While I’m continuing to offer my tried and true methods that have helped many, I’ve been very busy developing a new four week program that will balance your metabolism, mind and hormones.  Think weight loss, improved mental clarity and mood state, increased energy, uninterrupted sleep and much, much more!  This program is designed to reset our overworked, exhausted stress response system and addresses thyroid function as well.  It leads to long term lifestyle changes enabling you to be the best version of you. 

SPRING has sprung.  With that comes opportunity.  Opportunity for you to reset.  Opportunity for you to reboot.  Opportunity for you to make any short and long term changes that you need to live the life you were meant to live.  You’ve got this!

Yours in Vitality,




Ingrid Zimmer is a licenced naturopath who practices in the Montreal Area with a special interest in women’s health and wellness.  Naturopathy is a system of care that focuses on the root cause of illness – in other words “why” a specific condition may have developed.  Symptoms of illness are regarded and treated as the body’s reactions to poor living habits.  Ingrid’s approach is to look at and treat the cause of such symptoms ultimately eliminating them, restoring vitality and improving quality of life.  For more information or to book an appointment, she can be reached at her office in the Westmount Wellness Center at (514)448-9777 or at


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