Dans le Jus / Ethical

A Call to Juice Up!

This is a revolution in the making. We’re not talking about the Russians and their battles. They have Vodka, and potatoes, which is all fine. And no, its not about the coming of the personal computer, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Not even that courageous student defying a tank in Tiananmen square.

This is all about your revolution! Your liberation, feeling free from those regimes that restrict movements, expressions, and spirits! This is about a compassionate and ethical way for all of us to live together. 

If this juicing revolution had a flag, it would be green and leafy and look a lot like kale! 

As the old adage goes: “You are what you eat.” It's time. Time for peace, love and Rejuice!  Because this is all about a clean diet which makes for a clean mind. Free from the chemicals in processed foods that fluctuates our moods. Be gone! 

With this change of diet you will feel better physically and spiritually. This revolution won’t happen over night but rest assured, over time change will occur! 

And that change is all about consciousness, where we realize the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things. 

As a species, we need to take a stance, walk the line and evolve to a higher level. We are constantly evolving, realizing that we don’t have to buy into an industry that produces food at the expense of our health and the animals we share the planet with. 

This code of conduct, mindset or ethos can live, grow and change our way of living - One juice at a time!  

It’s about turning away from the mundane, the  "go to" overly processed, factory farmed, unfairly traded, GMO’d foods. It’s a revolution that calls for more ethical practices, whole foods, organics, and vegan diets.

 So get in there! Put your walking boots on! March in and command the juice! It is that simple. Your mother always said: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And mothers know best!  Now, you can rejoice because: A glass of juice a day keeps you happy & healthy! 

This is the first drop, our first line is what we hope to be a long and energetic blog we share with you, our juicy friends.



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