Kick Start Your System with Klean Kick

kgmtl with Klean KickOur only green juice with turmeric, plus a little extra lemon and ginger, Klean Kick has an extra 1-2 punch that will kick-start your system or your cleanse.

It was created for lifestyle blogger Katherine Garbarino and her husband Kris (hence the two Ks), who requested tweaks to our popular Vert Dur. In her words: "I think of it as a vitamin/nutrient boost. I am detoxifying my body from toxins and metals with the high chlorophyl content of the greens, and I add extra lemon, turmeric and ginger for their anti-inflammatory and beauty benefits."

Follow Katherine on instagram @kgmtl and subscribe to her youtube channel for health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks.

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