Juice Up Your Sex Life: Superfoods That Turn Up The Heat!

As the old adage goes - you are what you eat, so why not eat your way to a hotter, sexier, sweeter tasting you! 
Here are 4 great foods to help strengthen your libido, enhance sexual performance, and boost your energy:
1. Mangoes: If any fruit can be considered sexy it is the mango! Not only does it look exotic, but it's featured in the Kama Sutra. Called the "Love fruit," delicious Mango has aphrodisiac qualities,  increases virility in men and the Vitamin E, which is abundantly present in mangoes, helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive.
2. Pineapples: This fruit has an enzyme called bromelain, which increases sex drive and can also give you more sexual energy. As an added benefit, anecdotal evidence (just google it friends) suggest that pineapple makes you taste sweeter!
3. Kiwi:  Loaded with vitamin C (twice the amount of oranges) to help increase both libido and fertility. Two kiwis supply you with 150 percent of the vitamin C you need each day. Not only that but Kiwi's helps to thin your blood, and a healthy flow of blood throughout the body also improves your sex life, ensuring firmer erections and  more powerful orgasms.
4. Kale: Increases your sex drive by balancing hormone levels, which in turn gives you a great deal of energy. The high vitamin C levels in kale help the body to absorb iron, form blood cells and assist the metabolism of the adrenal gland, all of which contributes to better sexual performance. In addition, the iron in kale provides oxygen-rich blood to carry the nutrients and hormones that you need to your sex organs for pleasure and endurance.     
Rejuice prescription for a better sex life:  Mango Blast Smoothie!
 Eating a whole foods plant based diet helps keep your body and mind in top condition so you can spend more time doing the things you love!

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