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Rejuvenate your Body with Rejuice!

What is a cleanse? Cleansing allows you to naturally renew, replenish and rebalance your body at the cellular level. Basically, it's like hitting your body's reset button.

The original Rejuice! cleanse – now called the Vital Cleanse – fills your body with 6 nourishing raw, nutrient-dense juices per day: 3 cold-pressed vegetable blends, 2 fruit smoothies and 1 citrus juice. Your digestive system enjoys a rest from solid food and your body more easily flushes out the bad and rebuilds anew.

Our Active Cleanse adds protein and some solids to the mix for people with an extremely active lifestyle. It includes 1 juice smoothie with vegan protein, 3 vegetable juices, 1 citrus juice and 1 salad (kale or vitality)

We offer three additional cleanses with more intensive Healing and Alkalizing benefits. Read about them by clicking on the 'BUY' links below.

We currently offer a 1-day and a 3-day cleanse on our website. If you would like a 2-day cleanse, please select a quantity of 2 of the 1-day cleanses on checkout. If you would like to do a 4-5-6 or 7-day cleanse, specify the appropriate number of 1 or 3-day cleanses to add up to your desired cleanse length. Due to the 72-hour shelf life of our products, we can only deliver 3 days of juices at one time so we will contact you regarding pick up or delivery arrangements. 

To learn more about cleanses, click here. Or get started today by choosing a cleanse below.