This cleanse combines all the healthy benefits of our regular cleanses but with a little R&R in mind. Specifically designed to provide comfort during our winter season. Send it to a friend who is under the weather, or treat yourself. 

Our Rejuice Rescue includes:

  • Our Healing broth. A soothing way to warm up the body with a wholesome veggie broth full of essential vitamins and minerals. Also easy on the tummy!  
  • 1 Cold Buster Juice. One of our most powerful immune-boosting juices, the name says it all! 
  • 1 Green Juice. One of our amazing and nutritional cold pressed green juices designed to flood your body with all the goodness from green leafy veggies in an easily digestible form. 
  • 2 'flu and cold shots' made from the most powerful roots, herbs, and fruits in nature's pharmacy
    • 2 oz Anti-Inflam shot: Powerful mix of turmeric, lemon, and cayenne! 
    • 2 oz Cold Buster shot: Powerful mix of ginger, lemon, and cayenne!
  • 1 Spicy Citrus: Refreshing. Can be heated up or consumed cold. The raw honey, cayenne, ginger,  lemon, and lime combine for an anti-inflammatory dose of vitamins. 
  • 2 Chocolate Chip Almond cookies because everyone needs a little sweetness in their life!

The shots can be made into a hot tea and sipped. Use 1/2 of bottle (1 oz) for 1 cup of water.
The Spicy Lemonade can also be heated up as a tea. 
You can stretch this cleanse over a few days. If you are fighting a cold, try and refrain from refined sugars or dairy. 
For optimal absorption, have the green juice on an empty stomach. 
Sip the cold buster and spicy lemonade throughout the day.

Contraindication: If you are feeling heartburn, stick with the soup and green juices. Take only small amounts of the shots diluted in water (warm or cold). Dilute the Cold Buster and Spicy Citrus as well. You can still get all the goodness – just ingest at a slower rate.