Joanna Barcessat founded Rejuice! Nutrition in 2011. After many years of working as a personal trainer, spinning, and fitness instructor, Joanna went on to study Naturopathy under Christian Limoges. What began as a curiosity about nutrition bloomed into a decade-long passion project to bring the power of healing foods to the general public. Joanna’s positive energy, razor-sharp mind, and incredible intuition guided her through an incredibly challenging entrepreneurial journey.

She never gave up, even when it seemed impossible to keep going. Rejuice was her labor of love, her #2 priority after her beloved son Louis. Through sweat, tears, and lots of joy, in 11 years, Joanna took Rejuice from a concept to a juice station at the back of a catering restaurant to the much-loved brand and storefront it is today.

To know Joanna was to love her. She was kind and generous and committed to the integrity of her brand. Told countless times that pasteurizing her juice (HPP) would increase her profit margins, she refused. Raw living juice was where the highest nutrient content lay. Joanna was that rare person who took less so she could give back more. Her mission was to improve the quality of people’s lives by giving them food that was as close to nature as possible.

Joanna tragically died from the injuries sustained in a bicycle accident on Nov 2, 2021. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss our guiding light. Joanna touched everyone she met. She was a kind, funny, brilliant, and generous soul. Rejuice succeeded when many others failed because Joanna never gave up. She knew she had a revolutionary idea. She was grateful to the many wonderful people who entered her life and helped her with her vision.

Joanna was a trailblazer who improved lives. When she built Rejuice!, she also built an incredible community.
The outpouring and support of so many of her loyal friends and customers have sustained us through the darkest of days. Joanna remains our guiding light, and we will do everything in our power to keep the integrity of her vision and make her proud!
Forever and always our Juice Girl XOXO
Love, the Rejuice Team