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An energizing cleanse designed to easily fit into your busy lifestyle, the Active Cleanse will nourish your body and focus your mind. Great for the business professional or those who do not want to alter their gym routines. This cleanse provides you with more energy in the form of raw, whole foods. By enjoying our delicious alkaline salads, smoothies and juices, the Active Cleanse provides you with the proper nutrients so you can successfully refuel after the gym or energize your body and mind to successfully tackle your busy day.

It includes:

  • 1 fruit smoothie
  • 3 cold-pressed vegetable juices
  • 1 citrus juice
  • 1 Salad 

Juice and salad selections will not necessarily match the photo shown. If you have any preferences or diet restrictions, please indicate them in the comments section when adding the cleanse to your Cart.

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