Fantastic Fat MCT Oil


Fantastic Fat is coconut oil’s super-derivative and is also known as medium-chain-triglyceride (or MCT). Only 62-65% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs, so consider this your short-cut to the good stuff!

FANTASTIC FAT is gluten-free and vegan friendly

We consume about 1 tablespoon* per day, every day and enjoy the following benefits:

In a nutshell, our Fantastic Fat is made up of three types of MCTs:

C8 (caprylic acid)

C10 (capric acid)

C12 (lauric acid)

How we incorporate it in our daily lives:
  • In any beverage
  • In GG Coconut Cloud Yogurt
  • In your favourite olive oil for vinaigrette
  • In oatmeal and cereal

Don’t forget to share with the boys and sneak a few drops in with the kiddies’ meals (just be sure to reduce the serving portion to 1/4 of a tablespoon for the little ones).

*Please start with smaller quantities and work you way up as you may find yourself visiting the bathroom more often than needed in the beginning.

Made in Ontario, Canada.