Kiddo Latte plant-based drink for children is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of active and growing children. Not only does Kiddo Latte meet children’s protein needs, but it is also very rich in calcium, iron and a host of other vitamins and minerals. This plant-based drink is especially rich in potassium, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, manganese and vitamin D.

Kiddo Latte is a great daily drink and is ideal as a transitional drink. It can also be added to recipes, smoothies or morning cereal. Kiddo Latte fortified plant-based drink is the best HEALTHY option for children!

Kiddo Latte is packed with all the nutrients a plant-based drink can offer and children love its rich, creamy taste; yes, it is possible to be healthy and dairy free!

Kiddo Latte and all The Latte Co. products are the first and only complete organic plant-based drinks made from whole and unmodified foods, free of refined sugar, preservatives, gums or carrageenan available on the market!


  • A source of vitamins and minerals 
  • No artificial ingredients 
  • Dairy free