Exceptional cacao bean cookie. For real chocolate lovers! Flourless, made with a base of walnuts only - 100% grain-free. Real vanilla beans, only sweetened with Medjool dates. The cacao powder from a family-owned, biodynamic farm in Ecuador who grow a species cacao trees that yield unique flavour notes of grapefruit, nutmeg and cherry. and fleur de sel from Guérande in France.

100% Clean label, radically unprocessed organic ingredients.
Contains no dairy, gluten, grains, sugar, nut, peanut, soy or additives.

Instructions: We love it with coffee in the morning, or as a mid-afternoon, pre-workout snack. For a rich, chocolaty treat, eat it at room temperature. For a fresh, energizing snack, eat it right out of the fridge.

Ingredients: (90 g per Cookie) Walnut*, Medjool date*, raw cacao powder*, coconut flakes*, real vanilla beans*, fleur de sel de Guérande*. Contains: Nuts (Walnuts) (*Bio./*Organic)

Keeps: 6 Months refrigerated. Freezer-friendly keeps up to 12 months in freezer.