NOMZ Coconut Energy Bites


Whether you’re looking for a pre or post-workout snack, an afternoon pick-me-up, breakfast on the go, or a yummy treat just because – these individually packaged, delicious little snacks have you covered. 

Every single bite of our mouthwatering energy bites is packed with healthy fats and protein making them a perfectly balanced snack – guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and refueled. 

To top it off, these coconut energy bites are rolled in sulfate-free and fair-trade shredded coconut giving you an extra boost of yummy coconut flavour. These energy bites are good for you and most importantly, delicious!

Satisfy your craving without compromising your health.

Organic · Gluten-Free · Vegan · Paleo · Free From Refined Sugars

Pouches: 2 energy bites in a pouch

Organic ingredients: almonds, dates, fair trade cocoa, sulfate-free and fair-trade shredded coconut, sea salt

Allergen warning: product contains tree nuts