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The ABCs of Good Health. Easy Steps to Keep Your Immune System Strong!

At Rejuice!, we are committed to helping everyone get through this difficult time by doing what we've always done: offering up the highest quality immune boosting foods our planet has to offer - organic fruits, veggies, herbs, and root spices like ginger and turmeric! Read about how Antioxidants, B and C vitamins boost your immune system and where to find these vital nutrients.
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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Organic!

Most people tend to avoid organic produce due to price, and remain unconvinced that the health and environmental benefits outweigh the cost. Our hope is that after reading the following, you may find that there is a much dearer cost to your health, your families, and the planet, in opting for conventionally farmed produce. The bottom line for us is, regardless of conflicting reports, we do not want to consume chemicals that are meant to poison. If we only ate a minute amount of fruits and veggies, perhaps that would not be a problem, but if 80% or more of your daily diet is plant based, those harmful chemicals add up!
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