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Peace, Love & Rejuice

How to speak of love in 2017, inundated as we are with the images we receive from the media, the daily news of war and people fleeing their homes, and on a smaller scale the “hook up” culture brought to us by online dating and the rise of loneliness in...

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Reclaiming Your Groove

by guest blogger Ingrid Zimmer, nd Welcome Back! The first week back from holidays is a reality check on so many different levels. It’s about back to work for the adults, back to school for the kids, tight schedules, deadlines and for many, it’s about adopting new health resolutions or picking...

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Happy and Healthy New Year!

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to reflect on your life, where you are at, and where you still want to go. It is also a time to evaluate your priorities.   If you follow us on social media, you’d know that we have a motto...

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Happy Holidays from Joanna and your friends at Rejuice!

Dear Friends: As we come to the end of 2016, we reflect back on our challenges and triumphs and look forward to what lies ahead. Rejuice is, in the truest sense, a labour of love. While 2016 saw some significant challenges, we also experienced wonderful expansion. We added new items...

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Rejuice Nutrition Featured on CTV News: Juicing Gets Popular