Frequently Asked Questions

We juice on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The juicing process is usually completed by 4:00pm on those days.

Our juices are alive, raw and are not artificially preserved in any way.
This means that they must be kept refrigerated. Our cold-pressed vegetable juices last for around 4 days, and our citrus mixes for 7 days.

Look for the date sticker on the top of your bottle— the juice should be good through the end of that day.

Our juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized. As a result, all the nutrients, minerals, and pulp sink to the bottom of the glass while the natural water content will rise to the top. A gentle shake will bring all the goodness back together again!

Everything at Rejuice is entirely plant-based. We use local honey in some of our products (some salad dressings & lemonades).

All baked goods and most Rejuice products are gluten-free! The only item that contains gluten is our Ezekiel bread that we use to make toasts.

Rest assured, our homemade granola and muffins are made in a gluten-free kitchen.

You can reach out to for more information regarding large orders!

You must first create an account by pressing the "account" button at the top of the page next to the cart. After creating an account, you will have to confirm your email.

After that, you should be all set! Happy earning!

Once you are logged in to your Rejuice! Nutrition Rewards account, select the "rewards" tab. Then, choose the appropriate redemption point discount. This will generate a one-time use coupon code that is valid for 24 hours.

Enter the code at checkout to apply the discount!

We are still working on linking website and in-store rewards accounts.

If you would like your accounts linked, please email with your account phone number and email, and we will link them manually!

Issues with your order? Please reach out to so we can help!