NOMZ Hazelnut Energy Bites


The word on the street is our hazelnut energy bite tastes like a Ferrero Rocher – but nutrient-dense, free from refined sugar, and made with only five pure, simple ingredients.

Every single bite of our mouthwatering energy bites is packed with healthy fats and protein making them a perfectly balanced snack – guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and refueled. 

Crunchy hazelnuts on the outside and the soft, texture of a fudgy brownie on the inside – what more could you ask for?

Satisfy your craving without compromising your health.

Organic · Gluten-Free · Vegan · Paleo · Free From Refined Sugars

Pouches: 2 energy bites in a pouch

Organic ingredients: almonds, dates, fair trade cocoa, hazelnuts, sea salt

Allergen warning: product contains tree nuts